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Hey, shouldn’t a professional be writing about writing?

The short answer is Yes. And No.

I love reading advice from published authors. They give me something to hope for, you know? This author is telling me ‘there is something you can do that will work because it worked for me.’ A published author has succeeded, has gained wisdom and insight. Reading his book or blog is like sitting in that person’s study and having his full attention. Awesome.

I also love reading the rest of us who have not become successful published authors. Their posts are ones of struggle and the process of gaining insight. Their experience is bleeding edge experience. Many of them are trying new things to get their work out for people to read.

So, why am I adding my signal to the background noise of writing blogs? I am one of the latter types of writers, and I care a great deal about finally getting my work out there. I would love to make my living with words. Mostly I want to write for the joy of it. So, though I am not by any means an experienced writer, what I have to say will be valuable to me. Maybe it will be valuable to you. At least it will be out there. And hopefully I can add to my experience as a writer.

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