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Progress report

Sunday nights I’ll try to wrap up everything that happened during the week with regards to my writing. Actually, most of the writing I did was for this blog, getting it started and hopefully building some traffic. I also had to write a talk for my congregation. So, technically I did write this week, but not so much fiction!

Part of my progress report will be looking ahead to the next week, an attempt at planning next week’s work. Here’s what I hope to be accomplishing:

  • More blog posts. Posts Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, with Sunday being the progress report.
  • Spontaneous blog posts. Non-article posts about things that just come up.
  • In connection with a future post, a list of all my projects.
  • Begin revisions of a short story that just got rejected. I see where I can tighten it up. Any insights I get out of the process I’ll work up into a article for the blog.

So, it looks like will have a lot to do this week. I’ll keep you posted!

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