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Brilliant first draft advice

I just read a great article about the first draft. Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story goes into some detail about how she approaches her first draft, and it’s a nice to see  that a soon-to-be published author will share some nuts-and-bolts advice about her writing process.

Among the many useful tidbits are the now-ubiquitous words “It’s totally okay to write a [terrible] first draft.” Those words, friends, is our carte blanche to write our hearts out. The first draft is not to see the light of day. You may deny its existence or you may speak of it in whispered tones. Others may hear rumors of it, but it is safely secured in a concrete bunker under Area 51 sandwiched between the Lost Ark and Bigfoot’s toenail clippings.

The whole point is: make sure there is a first draft to spread rumors about. Get it done by whatever means necessary. This is what cranking plot is all about.

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