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Progress Report!

Well, it’s the end of a busy, busy week. I’d like to comment on how busy it was…but there just isn’t time!

It was a productive week, though, I will say that. After finishing my short story outline last week, I was able to write during two lunch breaks at work, and managed to crank out just over 800 words. I’m sure that compared to other writers, that’s not too productive. But, since 800 is greater than zero I will say the week saw some good productivity. I am targeting a word count of 5000 words for this short story, so if I put some more steam into it I should get it done by the end of a month.

What’s to come next week?

  • Another 1000 words, minimum;
  • A list of subjects for future blog posts;
  • One of those subjects written up and scheduled for posting.

That should do it! Have a great week & keep cranking!

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