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Life will never calm down!

This article from Steven Harper Piziks speaks volumes to me:

Any number of people have told me that they intend to start writing that book just as soon as life calms down and they get some time, or that they just need to get past this divorce/new job/old job/kid problem/insert-disaster-here.

This is not the way life works, though.  There’s ALWAYS a divorce/new job/old job/kid problem/insert-disaster-here to deal with.  This is the difference between writers and people who want to write.

The truth is life will never calm down. Constant movement is such a part of life, even though we all have a picture in our head of relaxing days of quiet creativity. Those were yesteryear. Those were our childhood impressions of life. Unless you are the Big Guns of Writing, that picture is not yours. This is not bad, this is not depressing…in itself. Our attitude is all important here. The real writers write in spite of their hectic schedules. They find the times that are available and write then.

I’ve been absent from the blog of late. It’s a new blog, and I think I’m going through that crisis point in every blogger’s career where some of the new blog momentum has waned and it becomes actual work. I promise I will work a little harder not to let the rest of life crowd out writing. There has to be a way to balance it all. Thanks, Steve, for a great article!

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