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Thank you, Nathan Lowell

How often do you get to read a work of fiction that, once the last word on the last page crosses your brain, fills you with satisfaction? This is what happened to me when I finished listening to the podiobook Quarter Share, by Nathan Lowell.

Ishmael Wang is orphaned when his mother dies. He is forced to leave the planet they lived on because the corporation which runs it had no place for him after his mother’s death. Backed into a corner, Ishmael signs on to a spacefaring merchant vessel and tries to find his berth in an environment as alien to himself as his home was familiar. On board the merchant vessel Lois McKendrick, he works to integrate himself into the crew and the daily routine aboard a solar clipper. There are regular safety drills, long periods of standing watch, hours of work in the mess, and weeks of travel in regular space before the brief and uneventful hop through hyperspace to the system of their destination followed by more weeks of travel. When in space, Ishmael only has his routine–and the mission of producing good coffee–to keep him occupied.

In another person’s hands this story would have been dry and cheerless. But, Ishmael’s voice is bright and optimistic, and the reading (or listening) is delightful. Quarter Share is a sea story set in space, and Nathan Lowell tells the tale as if he had lived out in the deep dark himself. In its very essence a science fiction novel, it nonetheless avoids the epic proportions that obsess most modern science fiction storytelling in favor of a down-to-earth (forgive the expression) style and chooses to recount the daily activities of Ishmael Wang. Unless you are so jaded that you can only read dark and gritty SF, Quarter Share and its sequels Half Share, Full Share, Double Share, Captain’s Share, and the hopefully soon-to-come Owner’s Share are required reading. You can find all of these at Podiobooks.com, as I’ve linked to them above. You can also go to the Traders Diary at http://solarclipper.com, where Nathan shares his Golden Age of the Solar Clipper world and adds many extra bits of story.

Early last month, Nathan announced that Quarter Share has finally been picked up by a publisher. This news was a consummation devoutly to be wished, and all your fans–including yours truly–are looking forward to owning their hard copy, happy to support your vision. Congratulations, Nathan, and thank you!

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  1. June 7, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Thanks, Guy, and I’m sorry I didn’t find and comment on this before. My google alerts are falling down on the job.

    Owner’s Share should be out by Labor Day (end of August for those not of an American persuasion) — just in time for me to not win another Parsec. 😀

    • gtwade
      June 7, 2010 at 11:13 am

      Nathan, it’s a pleasure hearing from you! Thanks for leaving a comment. The good news is that my wife gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card for our anniversary, so I am picking up a copy of Quarter Share asap & can’t wait to dig in. Looking forward to Owner’s Share on Podiobooks!

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