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A new (old) blog of mine

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in September 2006 I started a blog on the Blogspot platform called Good Associations. It was a little experiment where I tried to post one flash story or other block of writing fresh off a 5-minute session of free association. I only did a small handful of posts, but a couple of them were nice.

The idea was that I would find a writing prompt (there are several websites out there that do just that), start my timer, and get writing. After the 5 minutes were up I would spend a few minutes tidying up the text (if I felt like it–this was supposed to be free writing, after all) and post it with a little commentary. I enjoyed the few times I did it.

Well, I’ve managed to resurrect the site here on WordPress, and you can find it at I hope you enjoy reading it. I will try to give it some new content, because it really was a fun experiment. Feel free to use the same prompt I used and post your results in the comments.

I have a small problem, though: none of the links to story prompt websites carried over in the move to WordPress. I’ll have to go digging through the blogosphere again to find some. Do you have any that you use or know? Please put them in the comments below or go over to Good Associations and give it some link love! 🙂

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